Why Are Pink Diamonds The Best Investment Option For The Recent Times?

Pink Diamonds The Best Investment Option For The Recent Times

Investment options need to be chosen very carefully so you do not lope into a false scheme. While many fund-based schemes are available in the market, investing in rare gems, metals and stones have an added security. These materials usually have a failsafe as in their value will keep steadily increasing over the years. However, you have to choose the correct investment option even among these to get the most value for your returns. Argyle Pink diamonds are slowly ruling the group as one of the best investment opportunities of recent times. The factors leading to this evolution are discussed in detail below.

What are the Argyle Diamonds?

Mostly originating from the outback of the East Kimberley region (Perth), these are high-end fancy coloured diamonds. These coloured diamonds are sold mostly through the Argyle Diamond Mine’s very carefully organized tenders (annual). These diamonds are further monitored under master artisans to certify them against the highest standards of precision and careful transition through the proper chain of custody while they are launched for investment in the market.

Types of grades available for the Argyle diamonds.

The coloured Argyle diamonds are available in 4 main grades.

  • Purplish Pink
  • Straight Pink
  • Pink Rose
  • Pink Champagne

The main colour scale for the diamonds ranges within 1- 9 where the lower scale corresponds to the deepest, intense pink. As you go up the scale towards 9, the colour dilutes to a soy or latte colour range. The secondary colour range of Purplish Pink can make the diamond look even deeper shade of the colour. The intensity of a 4 PP diamond, in this case, might look more like the intensity of a 3 P. The pink rose grade carries an undertone of a brownish colour, which can give the pink a diluted decaf colour in the higher ranges of the scale.

Why are Argyle Pink Diamonds increasing in demand as an investment opportunity?

Argyle Diamonds demand has been steadily increasing by a range of 20-30 percent every year for the last few years. However, it is also true that the projected quantity of diamonds left in the Argyle mines is very low. As such, the net worth of the diamonds is also exponentially increasing proportionally to their rarity.

Many investors not only prefer the diamonds for the net worth but also for their exceptional beauty. You cannot only consider these diamonds as part of your investment portfolio but also cherish their brilliantly hued stones as part of your heirloom.

The demand is higher for the high intensity pink coloured diamonds as compared to the white diamonds available worldwide. The Australian diamonds are attracting more attention globally with every passing year. The solid positioning of the trend has also contributed towards the rapid increase in the valuation of these diamonds.

A 4P to the 5P range is the ideal recommendation for diamonds that you are buying primarily for investments. These have the most affordable entry into a capital investment because they allow for maximum appreciation of value over time. The deeper pink coloured diamonds have a higher value appreciation but might have fewer buyers in the future, which might block them as an asset for you.