What is bitcoin? And What is Bitcoin faucet?

Bitcoin faucet

LeBitcoin is a so-called cryptographic digital currency. In reality, it’s like your 20 euro bill, except that it’s not a “palpable” currency and nobody (no central control body) controls it.

Bitcoin appeared in 2009 following Satoshi Nakamoto’s desire to define a new monetary system that would be self-sufficient and operate alone. He first thought about the support of this currency: the blockchain.

How does Bitcoin work?

Bitcoin is based on a technology also initiated by Satoshi Nakamoto and one of his friends, Hal Finney, it is called: blockchain ( blockchain in French). You must have heard about it before.

From where you can get Bitcoins

Some sites offer free bitcoins . In fact, these Bitcoin distributors are called “faucets”, faucets in English, because these sites simply give you mini fractions of bitcoins (called “Satochis”), and generally, it’s is every hour you can click to get Bitcoins. It is important to find the best bitcoin faucet to get more deep into bitcoin business.

Of course these are small sums, but accumulated, it can quickly rise. In addition, you are familiar with the meteoric rise of Bitcoins and maybe in a few years, your little bitcoins will be worth it! And then you have nothing to lose because you just have to click a button!

How does the bitcoin faucet work?

Nothing’s easier. In general, they all have the same operating model. These are simple pages in which, just click on a kind of lottery to recover your bitcoins. The lottery is reset every 60 minutes, which allows you to recover free bitcoins every hour!

There are even geek solutions (not very complicated) for your computer to do the work for you and clicks automatically every hour on the button to win bitcoins. Yes, it’s crazy, but it’s possible!

Wondering how they can pay you bitcoins for free?

In fact, everything is in the advertising, these are sites that attract a lot of customers (yes, free Bitcoins, it attracts inevitably!), And therefore, they pay for advertising that are usually very massive on their sites (d elsewhere, if you have an adblock), you cannot use them (just disable your adblock on the site in question).