What is best – Prepaid or Postpaid?

Prepaid or Postpaid

Prepaid and postpaid plans both have their pros and cons. So which one to choose? Well, it depends on your requirements and usage. With prepaid plans coming up with unlimited calls and lucrative date usage packages, the game has changed dramatically. Earlier, such packages were available with postpaid plans only.

Let’s find out which of the two is more beneficial and why:

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Why Postpaid?

  • With postpaid, as the name suggests, you will pay the bill after you have used the services. You even get an extended period after the payment due date. Hence, between the postpaid bill payment cycles, there is no hassle of recharge or top-up. You can use the services without any interruption.
  • Nowadays telecom companies have come up with attractive plans for users with average budgets or needs as well. The monthly bill for these plans starts with as low as Rs. 99 or Rs. 199.
  • For postpaid users, the service provider sends a monthly bill on a fixed date. This bill is useful as an address proof.

Why Prepaid?

  • With a prepaid connection, you can change your plan every time you top up. Unlike the postpaid system, you don’t get charged on a pro-rata basis for data when you change from one plan to another. You get a variety of prepaid plans to choose from.
  • When you have a prepaid SIM card, you have complete control over your spending. You know for sure how much usage is available and no tension about the bill to be paid at the end of the cycle.
  • In the postpaid plan, there is a fixed monthly charge that the user has to pay even if there is no usage at all. Whereas in prepaid, you simply pay for what you are going to use.

As a final verdict, people prefer prepaid connection because of its flexibility and value for money.

Many service providers in India provide cheap prepaid plans. However, truth be told, what is the meaning of cheap plans, if you do not receive signal most of the time. This is what is happening with most service providers in India today.

Airtel prepaid recharge offers are best from the lot. Airtel has one of the most efficient 4G networks in India. And with its popular recharge plans worth Rs. 98, Rs. 298, Rs. 398, Rs. 449 and more you can enjoy hassle-free services.