Stop Foreclosure By File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Stop Foreclosure

Consumer action law group deals with various bankruptcy and mortgage attorney cases. They have professional foreclosure attorney that stop a foreclosure sale as little as 5 minutes.

Taking loans bring huge amount of pressure on a person. If the person is not able to pay back on time then it could lead to disastrous situation. People who take mortgage loans against their house are at greater risk as the lenders would take legal steps and start foreclosure sale for their property. To protect their family and take effective steps in this situation it is important that the person contacts a proper attorney. One of the legal firms that focuses on providing help to people dealing with such cases are consumer action law group.

Notice of trustee sale is sent to the house owner where the lender mentions the date on which they would start the foreclosure auction. As soon as the person receives a notice they should make sure that they contact an experienced lawyer so that they get protection from the auction. The notice of trustee sale and notice of default is the first step that the lender takes to go ahead with the auction process. But if the borrower is bankrupt and they don’t have the amount to pay to the lender then they can easily contact an experienced lawyer and make sure that they get proper relief.

If the borrower misses three or four payment then notice of foreclosure sale is sent by the lender. If the payments are not made on time the lender has full discretion to move ahead with the mortgage foreclosure sale. After receiving notice of default the borrower must make sure that they answer to the notice on time and if they don’t take decisive steps on time then the lender would go ahead with notice of trustee sale. In this situation only an experienced attorney can help them deal with the situation by analyzing the details properly. Foreclosure lawyers have proper idea of starting the loan modification process and get relief for their client. Loan modification is a good option if the homeowner is ready to get into talks with the lender. Once they talk with the lender for a settlement then their lawyer would help them with the modification process and get a relief for the time being. There is a deed in lieu that makes sure that all the claims are wiped out and whole foreclosure process is stopped on time. If the case gets out of hand and there is no option left then the borrower can consult with the lawyer and talk about a short sale process. In this process the house owner has the option to talk with the lender and get an approval to sell the home to a person willing to buy the estate. This process is efficiently dealt by a foreclosure attorney.

Consumer action law group is a firm that provides experienced and well trained attorney to people dealing with bankruptcy cases. To know more about the company one can visit the above mentioned website.