Five Suggestions for Choosing Your Company’s Future Leaders


When selecting staff to take part in a corporate training program, it is important to select the right people. While there may be many well-qualified candidates who work for you, they are not all suited to be promoted to leadership positions. Here are five suggestions for selecting the best candidates for training and promotion within your company.

Look for Potential

It is important to select a candidate with the potential to train and lead others on staff. Although there may be several good workers with in-depth knowledge about your industry and company, they may not have the people skills necessary to guide others. Develop a system for selecting those with potential so that when the time is right, you know who to spend time and money training to make them leaders within your business.

Consider Desire to Learn

Even though someone may have the knowledge and experience needed for your business, he or she may not have the desire to learn further skills. Information is always changing within industries so it is important to keep up with what is happening to inform the people who work for you. If someone doesn’t seem to want to learn or is not capable of learning, he or she shouldn’t go to management training courses that have been scheduled for future leaders in your company.

Are They Motivated?

While some employees are motivated and strive for promotions, some are content with the positions that they have. Learn to tell the difference and be encouraging to those who you think would be good leaders but may not have the confidence to seek out the opportunities. Notice the people who others trust, who they go to when they have questions, or whose help they seek.

Look at Best Performers

The people who perform the best for your company will often be leadership material. They have the drive to succeed, which is an important component for managers. They also need to be able to show others how to succeed; they can often do that by example, not just words.

Courage Is Important

When selecting candidates for training and promotion, don’t overlook courage. To develop innovative leaders, you must choose people who are willing to think outside of the box and take some risks. Playing it safe in some situations is fine but you cannot hope to expand a business by always playing safe, especially in some industries such as technology. So it is important to find people to take the risks that your business needs to grow.

If you’re developing a program to teach the skills and information necessary to be business leaders within your company and industry, consider these five suggestions for selecting the best people on whom to spend time and money.