Best Credit Cards, and How They Help High Risk Merchants


Credit cards are often used by consumers, which raises the need of a merchant account for merchants of all types. While spending is good for the economy, not all consumers need the same type of card. Some want rewards cards, or large purchase cards, however these can be hard to acquire. This should not deter a consumer from searching out a credit card that works for them, as 2015 offers some of the best credit card deals the market has seen in years. Also, those who are able to obtain a credit card are known to spend more, which is beneficial to merchants of all types. However, while increased sales are great, merchants also know that increased credit card sales mean an increase of fraudulent activity.

One of the best new cards for 2015 is the Citi Diamond Preferred Card. This card is great for large purchases that you cannot pay off immediately. The interest rates are low, which is not common for cards that are touted for large purposes. Rewards cards are also in high demand, and one of the best is the Barclaycard Arrival, which offers bonus travel points, when the purchaser charges a certain amount in the first three months. These cards are great for consumers, as well as merchants, as merchants can attract the business of these new card holders.

One big issue with credit cards is that their transactions are often subject to fraudulent activity. One too many fraudulent charges and a merchant can lose his merchant account. Merchants, regardless of their company, need to look for a high risk merchant account processor. High risk merchant account processors, such as, are experienced when it comes to fraudulent charge claims. does not punish merchants for a fraudulent claim, but rather help them determine if the claim is indeed true. Merchants should be careful when looking for a high risk merchant account provider, as not all are like With’s experience, dedication, and knowledge, any high risk merchant is safe when they obtain a merchant account.