A Guide to Setting Up a Business on a Shoestring Budget

Businessman coming to an agreement

Many entrepreneurs have been halted in their tracks by a lack of funding, which happens to be the most common cause of a business wind up, and in many ways, it is a shame, as the business would likely have gone on to achieve success, had the money been available when it was needed. If you have a great business idea, and have done your research and created a business plan, you do have capital options in the form of online finance providers who specialise in new business loans.

Crunch the numbers

Before anything else is done, you need to calculate exactly how much money you require, and you must be sure to factor in everything, as falling short at the crucial time can have disastrous consequences. Ideally, you would have adequate funding to keep the business going for 6 months, without any income at all, and if you can cover that, you should be fine. Be practical and realistic, and ask yourself whether you really do need a particular item or service, and by removing some non-essentials, it is possible to reduce the required amount of startup capital.


Once you have worked out how much you need to borrow, you need to think about repayments, which will prepare you for making further enquiries, and even if you have an adverse credit record or a low income, it still might be possible to receive a business loan. If you think you can manage the repayments, then the next step is to source a reputable online finance company that specialises in new business loans.

Online Finance Solutions

There are online companies that offer unsecured business loans, and with a very fast response, you will soon discover where you stand. The reason why so many new enterprises fail with a loan application is that they do not yet have any financial history, and most lenders are not prepared to take the risk by supporting a business with zero track record.

Making an Application

Once you have located the company’s website, making an application is a very simple process, and within a few minutes, you will receive a response, and if all goes well, the funds should be in your account before the end of the day.

Seek Credit

Once your business is underway and you received your capital business loan, you need to be careful with your spending. It is normally an expensive time, with business premises and office equipment to arrange, but with some careful shopping, it might be possible to lease the furniture and equipment for a small monthly fee, and many of your suppliers would be happy to extend you a 30-day line of credit, which is normal in today’s business world. By keeping your outgoings to a minimum, you are giving yourself more of a financial buffer by retaining most of the loan for emergencies, and with some smart business practices, your expenses will be a lot less.

It isn’t easy starting a business with limited funds, but if you approach the right online lender, you might be surprised at how easy it is to obtain a business loan for your new company.