4 Essential Features of Top-Notch CRM Solutions


The CRM software market is definitely oversaturated, which makes it really hard for businesses to identify the best among many CRM solutions out there. They come with dozens of different features masked under custom names.

This is why we have decided to talk about the 4 essential features to look for in top-notch CRM tools. Let’s start with the most essential ones.

Customer Data Management

In order to improve relationships with our customers or clients, it is of the utmost importance to have a real-time insight into customer data. This feature is commonly labeled as 360 degrees customer view or customer records. What’s important here is to test the CRM tool that sparks your interest in order to make sure that this feature packs enough power as not all CRM solutions have it the same way.

What to look for: A CRM tool that brings a complete overview of your customers, leads and opportunities. Complete customer profiles will enable you to start building relationships from the moment people get interest in what you have to offer.

Cloud-Based, Mobile-Ready and Mobile App

The current trend in the industry is set by cloud technology. It is advised to narrow down your options to CRM tools, which are cloud-based. This will raise the agility of your marketing, sales and service department to another level. In addition, mobile-ready solutions will enable your workforce to access and record information on the go and from any device.

What to look for: Since we live in the smartphone era, make sure to check whether the CRM software vendor has developed a mobile app for their platform. This way, your workforce will be able to manage daily tasks and plan activities on any device including laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Document Management

If you want to reduce your administration management costs, improve the efficiency of your departments and improve relationships with your customers in one go, your CRM platform has to include some sort of document management feature. This will significantly improve and simplify working with documents in real time.

What to look for: Top-notch CRM platforms come with advanced document management features which enable automation. You employees will be able to create documents by using pre-built templates. The connection with the central database makes data integration seamless.


The analytics feature is one of the most important functionalities of CRM software. Without an analytics feature, you won’t be able to assess the current business performance and identify the weak spots and bottlenecks in your operation’s workflow.

What to look for: A more advanced analytics can help you assess your business performance within specified time periods and identify important indicators. Make sure to check if the analytics feature supports this functionality during your free trial run.

Since they cover a broad spectrum of operations, these 4 features will enable your organization to develop through a variety of CRM related strategies.